Common Sense Solutions & Position Statements

Position Statement on Westport Traffic
Position Statement on Westport School Funding
Position Statement on Westport Arts Center on Barons South
Position Statement on Westport Affordable Housing
Position Statement on Revitalizing Our Business Districts
Position Statement on Planning
Position Statement on Compo Beach
Position Statement on Making Decisions

At this moment, local elected officials don’t just roll up their sleeves to fix a problem. Instead, they pay exorbitant fees to outside consultants who endlessly study the problem. These consultants don’t know Westport the way we do and have no real stake in the outcome. Not only is this costing taxpayers a fortune, it’s producing unworkable solutions.

For example, the Downtown Master Plan cost over $300,000. And what did it get us? No Turn on Red signs at key intersections and congestion that’s worse than ever.

The fact is, there are simple, common sense solutions to many of our challenges. We live here, we personally experience these challenges every day, and we have ideas about how to address them.

For instance, let’s try fine tuning our traffic controls to mitigate traffic backups. Adding just three seconds to a green arrow helps clear about seven more cars from a congested intersection.

Let’s restore the Right Turn on Red at downtown intersections. It works in the rest of the country. Why should we be different?  DONE! Thanks to our campaign!

Let’s adaptively reuse valuable town owned assets rather than spending money to build new ones. Why should taxpayers be paying to maintain perfectly sound empty buildings that could be converted to new uses—municipal offices, homes for our not-for-profits, even housing for seniors?

Let’s listen to our residents when they say resoundingly no (or yes). Whether the issue is railroad parking, or replacing the Compo pavilion, or funding our schools, you know what works, and local politicians should never presume to tell you what you should believe. Of course, residents will often disagree as to what’s best, but the role of the First Selectman is to act as an honest broker to ensure all Westporters have a say and are satisfied that decisions are being made fairly and honestly.

As your First Selectman, I will do a lot more to improve the quality of life for all Westporters.