John Suggs, independent & nonpartisan I’m not running as the designated candidate for the Republican or the Democratic party. I’m running for all of Westport. And I will represent, first and foremost, the interests of all of Westport, not merely those of a single party or constituency.

These are times of toxic, partisan politics, where politicians will say just about anything, true or untrue, to gain advantage. Sadly, I have observed this type of partisanship seep down from the national and state levels into our own local government. Most recently, I have noticed it influencing substantive policy decisions in our so-called nonpartisan Representative Town Meeting (RTM).

I’ve always been true to my convictions and I’ve entered this race not just to win, but to represent the whole community, encouraging greater civic involvement that will lead to a better Westport.

As your First Selectman, I will do a lot more to improve the quality of life for all Westporters.