Our Campaign is Already Making a Difference!

Dear Neighbors,

Just two weeks ago, in the first of my eight part digital series highlighting common sense solutions to town issues, I focused on traffic.

In it I pointed out how some of the most maddening town traffic problems facing Westport in recent years are the direct result of the Downtown Master Plan’s so called “improvements” including a recent costly upgrade, paid for by taxpayers, that installed new “No Turn on Red” signs at key intersections.

Without first seeking the approval of the town’s elected Traffic Authority let alone any of the people who actually use those key intersections multiple times daily, the Co-Chair’s of the Downtown Master Plan and their outside consultants and engineers unilaterally installed those signs. They just did it. And, not surprisingly, as a result, the “No Turn on Red” signs have increased our traffic congestion downtown.

I urged, as part of my common sense solutions campaign, that those signs be removed.

And this afternoon the First Selectman’s office responded. First Selectman Marpe announced that the town has received preliminary approval by the Office of State Traffic Administration to eliminate the “NO TURN ON RED” signs.  He stated: “It is anticipated that their removal will aid in the flow of traffic and help alleviate some of the congestion currently experienced at those intersections.”

Our campaign is making a difference. If you want this campaign to keep making a difference for Westport join us.