It’s Time for Something Different

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As far as I know, an Independent candidate has never been elected First Selectman. So why am I running? Am I a Don Quixote, or a spoiler?

Neither. My reasons for running are simple. I’m tired of partisanship. I’m tired of pandering. I just want to get things done for you.

And I know I can win, because I’m not afraid to do things differently.

Take the Cribari Bridge. I realized early on that the key to saving the bridge—and preventing the state from building a big new span that would let 18 wheelers go through Saugatuck—was to take away the funding earmarked for bridge replacement. I did some research and discovered that our local regional planning authority had to approve that funding.

So I started showing up at their meetings and speaking up, over and over, about Westport’s concerns. Members and staff looked at me like I was from outer space. They tried to change the subject. But I’m not easily deterred. I kept at it, month after month. And last August, members of the planning authority voted no, sending the state back to the drawing board.

So who do you think can really get the state to fix our broken intersections, like Route 1 & 33?

I’ve run my campaign differently as well. I’ve based this campaign solely on common sense solutions—solutions that are specific and practical, that can be implemented immediately by Westporters for Westporters, and that address the issues we care about as a community. I took a chance in thinking that Westport voters want to hear actual ideas, not meaningless soundbites like “fix traffic” or “improve the beach.”

So each week, I’ve shared two or three real actions that a First Selectman can take immediately to make our town better. Please click here if you missed any of them. The response has been amazing. At one debate, the moderator even asked the other candidates what they thought of my idea for securing future school funding. A few of my ideas are already being implemented.

So by doing things differently in this campaign, I’ve already made a difference. This is just the beginning. As your First Selectman, I can do a lot more. I’m excited. And I’m ready to work for you.

So now I’m asking you to try something different. Tomorrow, when you go to the polls, forget about politics. Reject the same old pandering we see in every election. Think about what Westport needs. Vote for the candidate who has the best ideas and the best chance of making them work. Then find me on the ballot: Row 1, Line E. Petitioning Candidate (that means Independent!) John F. Suggs.

Thank you for your support,