Tomorrow Depends Upon You

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Whether it was to stand up to save the Cribari Bridge, stop the proposed ordinance to hunt and trap coyotes or restore our school funding – every time you’ve come out to vote, every time you’ve come out to a public hearing, and every time you’ve supported a town or school event, you’ve made the difference.

We need you to come out again. Tomorrow, Tues., Nov. 7, we’re holding our local town elections. I’m running as the leading Independent candidate for First Selectman to put my Common Sense Solutions into action to safeguard our school funding, tackle traffic congestion, revitalize our downtown, preserve our quality of life and make sure you have a voice in the future of this town.

I’ve got a 10-year record of public service in Westport. I’m not afraid to take on the tough issues. I’ve detailed my plans to address our challenges here.

Our town deserves solid, nonpartisan representation. This election isn’t about Hartford and it’s isn’t about Washington. It’s about us. Our community. Our taxes. Our schools. Our livelihoods.

I want to be Westport’s next First Selectman. I ask for your support tomorrow, Tues., Nov. 7. You’ll find me on Line 1E under “Petitioning Candidate.” Polls are open 6 am – 8 pm. Please call 203-273-2774 if you need any voting information.

You’ve come out before and made the difference. Please do it again.



Tomorrow, Tues., Nov. 7
Vote Independent LINE 1E • Polls open 6 am – 8 pm